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Medallion Hunt

Medallion Hunt


We’re kicking off our seasonal event with the much-anticipated medallion hunt!  This is the 8th year the festival has coordinated the medallion hunt, and it’s become a tradition many look forward to.  The idea is for everyone to get out and about around Mound, have some fun, decipher what the clues may mean and perhaps learn a tidbit or two about Mound that they didn’t know before.

Whoever finds the coveted medallion and is the first to turn it in will be recognized on stage on Saturday afternoon during the festival and receive a $300 cash prize. 

A total of eight clues will guide your way to the medallion. The clues will only be posted on the festival website. The first clue will be released on Sunday, June 13 by 9:00 a.m. Then, each Saturday and Sunday morning through Saturday, July 10, new clues will be posted on the website until the medallion is found. Gather your friends and family to decipher the clues and hunt for the medallion!

Once found, the potential winner can either email the festival at or send them a message on Facebook. A festival board member will verify the winning entry. A notice will be posted on the website and on Facebook as quickly as possible once the medallion is found.

Medallion Hunt Rules:
All ages are eligible. City of Mound employees, City Council members and their immediate families are not. Festival board members, staff, and immediate families are also not eligible due to potential involvement in clue distribution. Please be respectful of property and have a great time figuring out the clues.

2019 Medallion