Spirit of the Lakes

Friday, July 20 & Saturday July 21, 2018

Surfside Park & Beach - Mound, MN


Medallion Hunt

Update July 16 — medallion found! 

See below for 2017 clues and answers.


Our annual Spirit of the Lakes Festival

 medallion hunt is under-way!

Check here for new clues beginning Sunday June 25. Each Saturday and Sunday through Saturday July 22 new clues will be posted below until the medallion is found! Gather your friends and family to decipher the clues and hunt for the medallion. The winner will be recognized during the festival on Saturday afternoon in Surfside Park and receive a cash prize of $300 !

Email us at info@SpiritoftheLakes.com or send us a message via Facebook when you’ve found the medallion so we can verify the winner.


1 (6-25-17)

Kardashian child is big on direction, but don’t follow him is my suggestion.

North West is not the right direction


2 (7-1-17)

Naming rights can give you fits, but this time won out by the Brits.

Roads named with British names on Phelps Island


3 (7-2-17)

Michael who? His record stands, at 23-3-2 and many fans.

Phelps Island


4 (7-8-17)

Round and round as in a boat, look around far from the moat.

Far from the water surrounding the island


5 (7-9-17)

Leopard 1 and Vickers too, use care as not to fool you.

Both are combat tanks.  Prize is hidden near a different kind of  tank.


6 (7-15-17)

A great big vessel is your tip, a vessel though, not like a ship.


A larger vessel seen by many, smaller one seen by few

One is shadowed by the other when morning brings the dew.

There are 2 “vessels” in the area. One is the water tower that is south east of the other and can nearly “shadow” the one with the prize in the mornings.


7 (7-16-17)

Public lands in Mound are vast, but they need help to make them last.

Parks Maintenance building


8 (7-22-17)

From town center get in gear, a bridge to cross to find me here,

Garage type building out in back, a vessel that looks big and black.

A large black vessel in back of the Parks Maintenance building