Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Medallion Hunt!


Welcome 2022 medallion hunters!

Thank you for joining us on this year's medallion hunt. The Spirit of the Lakes Medallion Hunt has been a huge part of our festival over the years and we couldn't be more excited to bring it back this summer! The first two clues will be released June 25th & 26th at the bottom of this page. The others will be released every following weekend leading up to the festival!

Will you and your family have what it takes to crack the clues to find the medallion?


All ages are eligible. City of Mound employees, City Councilmembers and their immediate families are not eligible. Festival board members, staff and their immediate families are also not eligible due to potential involvement in clue distribution. Be respectful of property and have a grand time!

Look high - look low, but do not dig. No shovels needed here.
Nor climb above the earthen realm, so you can search with little fear.
A park, a road, a lakeside beach; where ever could I rest?
Public land is all in play for hunting - be my guest.
Respect all private property - and do not enter there.
You do not need to anyway, to find me in my lay.
From east to west, from north to south, both high and low in Mound.

Good luck to you and all who search exploring all around.


The first clues will be released at 9am on June 25th & 26th - All others will be released at 9am every
Saturday & Sunday leading up to the festival.


So, you’re back on the trail of the medallion after a couple years of rest. This year one thing to remember is that facing east is best, but first you will need to head west.

Explanation: First part hints that it is on a trail. Second part tells you that you should enter the trail by heading west but since it is on west side of the tree you will need to be facing east to find it.


As you approach it should be obvious where to halt. If you pass by, it will be your fault.

Explanation: The medallion is hidden directly under a stop sign.


As you reflect on hunts of the past, this year you will need to adjust. For being open to an imposter is a must. They are not all sus, this one you can trust.

Explanation: First part hints toward the reflector. Second part to opening something fake. The last part was just for the rhyme and to draw in the Among Us crowd.


Like a great detective on the trial of the medallion with a mystery you are trying to unfold. Don’t let the clues lead you down the wrong road. Some may lead nowhere, sometimes they will end, and sometimes they go cold. One hint I can give you is that this is where Robert Frost would have

Explanation: First part hints toward a trail again. Second part hint toward the fact in the summer this trail end at lake Langdon and in the winter it doesn’t. The last part points out that this is the road less traveled. At least in the summer.


Goats roamed in and goats roamed out. Some old goats would come here to blow off some steam before
roaming about. The place has changed, but it is still the same, it is now near my route.

Explanation: The goat was the symbol of the Great Northern Railroad the once past through Mound. This clue is pointing to the depot that has now been relocated to Surfside Park and is across the street from where the medallion is.


In life there are many parallel paths you can take, although some may not be grand. One of mine is like
driftwood that just washed up on the sand. But you will find me farther inland.

Explanation: Wood on a beach is beach wood. Beachwood Rd runs parallel to the snowmobile trail.


Pushing left or pushing right my hiding spot will be unsealed. As it swings open, I will be revealed. I am hidden in something that is meant to be noticed, in it I am concealed. Orange and black point the way as you walk away from the bay.
Explanation: This clue tells you that it is in a reflector that can swing open. There is an orange sign with a black arrow marking the trail as you walk away from Cooks Bay.
This game was intentionally made harder than past hunts. The first clues are more obscure, with the clues getting easier as the game goes on. Hiding it in something that needs to be opened also makes it harder, at least on the players. If you’re hiding the medallion, it makes it easier since you don’t need to find a good hiding spot, you can just 3D print one. Comments on this hunt are welcome. Did you like it harder or think it should be easier?


We’d love to hear your thoughts on this year’s festival.