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Food & Beverage

What’s a festival without tasty food and refreshing beverages?

*Subject to Change


Naturally Delicious Ice Cream, Fancy Flavors Cotton Candy,
Gourmet Hot Dogs, State Fair Donuts, Walking Tacos, Gyros, Greek Salad,
Charbroiled Burgers, Hand-dipped Cheese Curds, Fresh Cut Fries,
Pulled Pork, Texas Brisket, Mac & Cheese, Jerk Chicken, Curry Chicken
Watermelon, Roasted Sweet Corn, Fruit Flavored Smoothies, a variety of Bundt Cakes including Gluten free.

Watch for the release of Spirit of the Lakes Festival Brew – Surfside Mango Blonde made exclusively for the festival by Excelsior Brewing!
(Available at Spirit of the Lakes Festival only)

Featured at the Main Beverage Bar

4 tickets        Budweiser, 16 oz can

4 tickets        Bud Light, 16 oz can

4 tickets        Michelob Golden Draft Light, 16 oz can


Official Brew of the Spirit of the Lakes Festival

5 tickets        Excelsior Surfside Mango


Brew Crew Selections

5 tickets        Excelsior Big Island Blonde, 16oz Can

5 tickets        Goose Island IPA, 16oz Can

5 tickets        Stella Artois 14.9oz Can

5 tickets        Kona Big Wave, 16oz Can

5 tickets        Shock Top, 16oz Can


The Fun Stuff

4 tickets        Natural Light “Naturdays” Strawberry Lemon Brew, 16 oz Can

4 tickets        Golden Road Mango Cart, 12oz Can

5 tickets        Loon Juice Minnesota Cider, 16oz Can

4 tickets        Bon & Viv Blackberry Spiked Seltzer, 16oz Can



6 tickets        Cutwater Bloody Mary

6 tickets        Cutwater Gin & Tonic

6 tickets        Cutwater Lime Margarita

6 tickets        Phillip’s Prairie Organic Vodka Cocktails with Lemonade or HiBall Energy Drinks

10 tickets      Make it a Double (Vodka Cocktails Only)



4 tickets        Copa Di Vino Chardonnay, 187ml=1/4 bottle

4 tickets        Copa Di Vino Pinot Grigio, 187ml=1/4 bottle

4 tickets        Copa Di Vino Cabernet Sauvignon, 187ml=1/4 bottle

8 tickets        14 Hands Bubbles, 375ml can=1/2 bottle

8 tickets        14 Hands Rose, 375ml can=1/2 bottle


Non Alcoholic

1 ticket          Refreshing Bottled Water

2 tickets        Minute Made Lemonade

3 tickets        HiBall Organic Energy Drink 16oz. Ruby Red Grapefruit or Black Cherry

3 tickets        HiBall Wild Berry Energy Water 16oz

Tickets are $1 each